A real challenge:
The challenge of creating, drawing and sculpting a gigantic megalodon (a shark that disappeared 15 million years ago) 11 meters long and entirely made of corten steel, this technical and artistic feat has mobilized a team of 6 people since March. and 23 tons of steel. This fish measures 11 meters in length and weighs more than 5 tons.
Megalodon will be exhibited at Port Vauban in Antibes from July 1 to October 3, 2022.

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Art and Ecology, to raise awareness...

 Ecocean, which has been working on fish restocking projects for 20 years, will be a partner in this project by benefiting from a % of the sale of this work. The amount donated will be dedicated to the project "I repopulate the sea" set up in Marseille since 2015.
This project was made possible thanks to a group of motivated and committed investors who were approached by Jean-Pierre Wattel of WIS Expert. The work of art will be on sale immediately after the inauguration, and other works, of smaller format, will also be available for purchase.

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The project in pictures...
Video of the project to discover  ©Manuel LEFEVRE

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