Original creation : SC, Steve Chaudanson

Edition : Rina Design

Realization :

Corten steel

Epoxy resin

"Tail" dimensions :

Height 2329 mm

Width 2086 mm

Length 1799 mm

Dimensions "Body":

Width 1112 mm

Length 3164 mm

Total length 4963 mm


Steve Chaudanson is sponsor of

The Port of Fréjus will host 4 works signed SC.


The first one placed on April 7, 2021 is called " CACHALOT ".

This large-scale creation was intended as a work of Art In Situ or street art in situ.

The desire is to play with the environment, that art merges with reality.

Cachalot is a representation of a whale, a sperm whale, "between Land and Sea" in 2 and 3 dimensions.

A bit like good wine, the Corten steel of which this Cachalot is made will change its appearance, color and take on a more "animal" allure.

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